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Various battle reports on the battle to recapture EARTH

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The Universal Mind battle at Umpqua College ---- Professor S.W. Hawking VERSUS the Seattle Seahawks

Rd-blog-number-6519 by Herb Zinser reviews the  astrophysics battle fro control of Planet Earth that took place in Oregon.




Umpqua Community College shooting - Wikipedia, the free ...

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Boston astrophysics WAR code messages for Hawking and Thorne

RD-blog-number-6362 by Herb Zinser reviews the neglect and irresponsible behavior exhibited by   CALTECH ,  Cambridge University and other schools in the SCIENCE WARS.


The Science Wars - Cardiff University
Cardiff University

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Theorists discover that astrophysics EARTH LAB specimen Kip S. Thorne is COMPUTER EARTH GooVoo Logarithm data set from Logan Utah

RD-blog-number-6266 by Herb Zinser  reviews the SCIENCE WARS to recapture  PLANET EARTH.


The 400 year war ..... Galileo the DEFENDER (of Earth from alien brain thought waves).



Galileo Trial || 1616 Documents

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The astrophysics VIEW of the EARTH surface display of O = oxygen atomic cities and oxygen atom offices

Rd-blog-number-6715 by Herb Zinser reviews the SCIENCE WARS for control of EARTH and its cities and countries.



A good way to understand the situation  .. is to think  of  yourself as the “Man on the Moon” or a distant virtual astrophysics scientist …millions of miles away …..  with…

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Samuel DuBose age 43 and others explain spin-orbit atomic projection LINK to Earth spin and orbit around rhe SUN

RD-blog-number-6193 by Herb Zinser  reviews some empirical databases of signaling EVENTS  generated by Nature's military systems EVENTS that provide clues about existential physics.


Let's look at a blog post that outline the situations  ...and contains  enhancements. 

The …

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Book reveals the Solar System war to recapture EARTH optical systems from the ear / mouth/ talk people

Rd-blog-number-5887 by Herb Zinser reviews the the Solar System sunlight battle on SUNday, May 17, 2015  in Waco, Texas.

That signaling EVENT along with book clues    ... help  us see the stages of the WAR.


Waco biker gangs shootout - CBS News…

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The SILK information fabric explains the Galileo astronomy battle in Waco, Texas using human action figures

Rd-blog-number-5767 by Herb Zinser reviews the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet EARTH) battle in Waco, Texas.

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Astronomy conflict on PLUTO reveals the subconscious mind KKK

RD-blog-post-5604 by Herb Zinser reviews the SYMBOL MACHINE  language  keyword --> Paris --> Par +is --> Parallel information systems  ....... and the Wisconsin EARTH LANGUAGE communications node mentioned by Carl Sagan in his book  " Contact" ...and at the end we will cover  the astropnomy/astrophy…

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K-channel war and axon ax murder of Gloria Totzke helps explain the land /sky KHZ continuum

RD-blog-number-4499  by Herb Zinser reviews the brain axon ax murder of Gloria Totzke of Oconomowoc,Wisconsin ............ which is in the brain neuroscience WAR ZONE  region of the  greater Milwaukee area to the capitol city of Madison, Wisconsin.   The murder is one of several in the region ..... …

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The atomic & astrophysics continuum described VIA Silver genetics message OUTPUT systems

Rd-blog-number-1291 by  Herb Zinser reviews reviews subset EVENTS that occur on EARTH within the Galileo  Base 16 Hex space and Base 16 HEX time continuum that we live within.





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Astrophysics trophy wife & IRON automobiles

Concept Paper CP-083 by Herb Zinser


 Using  TOE theory (Theory of Everything)  and Computer EARTH system 370 CMS (Content Management Systems)  ... various geography sites, business activities, human affairs, etc  can be considered as information data sets  intertwined as subsets within the EART…

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The Time Continuum components for Earth humans

Concept Paper  CP-012  Herb Zinser













Below, the Computer Earth facility   ...I/O   PORT  data   BUS   terminal
















Stephen Hawking
black and white photo of Hawking in a chair, in an office.

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Gailieo - year 1610 - The Starry Messenger message for Carl Sagan " Contact"

Z-paper-157 by Herb Zinser






Starry Messenger: Galileo and Sidereus Nuncius
University of Cambridge
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) published Sidereus Nuncius, or the 'Starry Messenger' in 1610. In it he provided a lively and a…

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The Borde-Sorkin conjecture VIOLATIONS cause tragedy at Virginia TECH.

Rd-blog-number-3660 by Herb Zinser


Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is an interesting experimental test site.

Mathematics, physics, and astrophysics describes the laws of the universe.

Earth is an algebra subset of the universe and its descriptive equations

Therefore,  s…

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