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Various battle reports on the battle to recapture EARTH

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The Time Continuum components for Earth humans

Concept Paper  CP-012  Herb Zinser













Below, the Computer Earth facility   ...I/O   PORT  data   BUS   terminal
















Stephen Hawking
black and white photo of Hawking in a chair, in an office.
Hawking at NASA, 1980s
Born Stephen William Hawking
8 January 1942 (age 72)
Oxford, England
Residence United Kingdom


 The LIE battle ............ 

2011 Liè  attack  at Liege - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaège_attack
The bus shelter on Saint-Lambert Square, Liège. The killer was ... Location, Liège, Belgium ... Amrani then committed suicide by shooting himself with a revolver.
Attack - ‎Perpetrator - ‎Reaction - ‎References

1 Vector fields, flows and Lie derivatives
Nov 5, 2008 - Working title: Notes on Lie derivatives and Killing vector fields. Author: T. ... In other words the translation of the map f : M → M to a map .... Lie derivative is defined with respect to a vector field V . When acting on a function f it ..... We see that the Killing vector T corresponds to time-translation invariance of the ..


Lie Derivatives and (Conformal) Killing Vectors
particular problem, for instance the motions of a physical system over time, beginning at ... The physical meaning of this case is not quite as ... In order to create an appropriate definition of the Lie derivative, with respect to some vector field, we ...

 Above, Earth Language SYMBOL MACHINE code word--> WARUM --> WAR Universal Mind








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